Why Sufi?

Why Sufi?

Why Sufi?

You all must be aware of the current scenario in the steel sector. The idea of Steel Users Federation of India (SUFI) is making an attempt to raise a voice against the turmoil created due to levy of Safeguard duty, MIP, BIS Order by government.

Every stakeholder in the industry has to grapple with multiple challenges of reducing demand, fund crisis, policy bottlenecks, debtors default and sudden imposition of tariff and non-tariff barriers, exchange fluctuation and so on.

Amongst the recent developments, the Steel Quality Control Order – BIS and Safeguard Duty imposition on various steel products needed a comprehensive and united representation from segments across the nation for a meaningful dialogue and solution.

Unfortunately, fragmented regional associations representing fabricators, manufacturers, importers, stockiest, consumers etc. wielded very little or no influence on decision makers.

On the other hand, local manufacturers which are small in number but presented a united front were well heard and received the protection they desired.

With the specific objective to create a common platform to present a collective voice for the entire steel industry, we have registered:

SUFI – STEEL USERS FEDERATION OF INDIA, an idea whose time has come.