Our Core Team

Mr. Mitesh Prajapati

General Secretary

“Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.” - Rumi

As someone rightly said, do it with passion, or not at all, the journey of following his passion for Mitesh Prajapati began while working in his family owned steel business. In the midst of working hard to grow his business and upgrading himself with industry know-how, this young entrepreneur knew that life had something more profound for him.

Born in a Gujarati family, on May 21st, 1986 and brought up in Mumbai, Mitesh Prajapati has worn many hats since the very beginning of his youth. Never much inclined towards academics, Mitesh’s heart was always curious to go beyond the four walls of classroom and be out there in the world doing things practically. After dropping out of high school, he became an RSS member in the year 2002. While, all the way working with political parties and institutions, Mitesh developed keen interest in joining politics, and went on to join BJP party in the year 2008.

All his efforts did not go unrecognized and Mitesh developed an exceptional rapport with the political personalities and management of the various associations he is a part of. Looking at his passion and hardwork, it was during this time he was appointed as the Vice President of Borivali Vidhan Sabha, Ward No.8., followed by a position as a Booth Pramukh of the ward.

In his growing years, along with his elder brother, Mitesh joined his family’s 40 year old steel business and within short span he demonstrated great interest in the way steel industry functions in India. He was characterized by his will to work beyond the confined walls of his office, reaching out to bigger objectives that were aimed at not only towards the growth of his business but towards the Indian steel industry as a whole. All thanks to his highly social nature, Mitesh was soon accepted and welcomed in many industrial associations as a core member, where he projected assertiveness in voicing his opinion.

Today Mitesh is a General Secretary of Steel Users Federation of India, Managing Committee Member of the Darukhana Iron & Steel Merchants Association (DISMA) and Chairman PRO of Chamber of Association of Maharashtra Industries & Trade (CAMIT). Mitesh is also a Special Executive Officer for Government of Maharashtra.

Mitesh became impatient with the many opportunities coming his way, and for the advancement of his life goals, he involved himself in social work through his NGO - Citizen Civic Solutions, where he is a treasurer and an official spokesperson.

Citizen Civic Solutions support government initiatives concerning common man, and therefore through its expert volunteers and founders, tries not only to provide practical solutions but also actively initiates dialogues between authorities and common man. CCS also serves as an organized charity and fundraising association joining hands with other organizations around specific issues, such as human rights, the environment or health.

And as they say, rest is a history; at present Mitesh is an established businessman, passionate social worker and a politics aspirant, striving to make a difference in a little way he can. Consumed with the desire of excellence in whatever he does, Mitesh believes that one should not give up just because bad things happen!