About SUFI

The steel user industry has been lately grappling with multiple challenges namely stagnant demand, fund crisis, policy bottlenecks, debtor's defaults, sudden and multiple impositions of tariff and non-tariff barriers on imports, currency fluctuation and so on.

Steel makers, steel users and steel traders form the basic structure of steel market and can easily co-exist in harmony. However, the policy announcements or amendments to the existing policy framework should have been well deliberated, considered and agreed upon by these three pillars so as to strengthen the industry as a whole and march together to achieve the target of 300 millions tons steel production by the year 2030 as envisioned in the steel policy and also to make a forceful impact on 'MAKE IN INDIA' programme announced by the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India.

In order to address this situation and to bring steel user industry, trade segment, stockists, service centres and the steel makers together, a new platform has been evolved and registered under the name and style.

SUFI– Steel Users Federation of India….. a United Platform

While the several associations and trade bodies can exist to represent various segments of the industry, SUFI intends to fulfil the void of an apex body to represent the various segments of steel industry across the nation.

SUFI provides PAN India presence with a democratic, honest and focussed approach to address the members / member association's problems and take them up suitably with relevant authorities with result oriented approach.

We invite all the individual Companies, fabricators, steel producers and or steel users to join SUFI to protect your interest and achieve a collective goal of a healthy and robust steel industry. As very well understood `Unity is Strength', SUFI provides you Strength of Unity & Strength of Intent.

SUFI’ has achieved remarkable success in a short span of time to bring various stake holders of steel industry on a common platform and is marching towards achieving its objective to achieve higher per capita consumption of steel and thereby promoting growth and excellence in steel industry.

Steel –is a building block of an economy .As a core sector it has to have a lion"s share for realizing the dream of

A Developed India, A New India.

SUFI is helping the country achieve this dream.

For the last two years since its inception, SUFI has taken various steps to strengthen steel industry. It has been a major participant, and co-promoter of steel and steel industry conferences across the country specially GCP Summit in Goa and the recent Auto Summit in Pune.

Gaining momentum, SUFI has now gone overseas as a co-promoter for Long Products Summit in Bangladesh and upcoming Summit at Nairobi – Kenya. SUFI is partnering some of the best steel publication and helping the Indian industry achieve global recognition and a unified voice.